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Everyday Difficulties



Route generation is typically done manually on a daily basis. This is time consuming and inefficient.



You may need to readjust your drivers' routes and that is usually done via phone call or SMS messages. This is also time consuming for the driver as well as being very unsafe.

Live tracking

Quality management

Fleet managers cannot properly organize their work without the necessary information. Live tracking helps but the installation of GPS tracking hardware on their vehicles is not always feasible.

Why We Stand Out

Automatic route generation taking into consideration time windows, vehicle count and capacities.

Instant two-way audio communication using speech-to-text(Voice Typing) and text-to-speech(TTS) technology.

Driver is informed in real time of their arrival and their next stop. (Geofencing)

Live fleet tracking without installing additional hardware in the vehicle, at no additional risk.

Forget early morning routing chaos

From this

To this

Route generation in no time

The World economic Forum predicts that without effective intervention, urban last-mile delivery emissions and traffic congestion are on track to increase by over 30% in the top 100 cities globally.

Calculate the most efficient routes in one click

Select the requested time windows for each delivery and the system takes care of scheduling the routes for you.

If you so require, change the  suggested routes based on your own needs. Let your drivers know with detailed maps and delivery details.

Reduce your carbon footprint by ~15% to 30%

A quick look at the software


Overall picture of the routes, vehicles and distances of the day

Automatic routing

Automatic route assignment and sorting for all vehicles


Detailed vehicle tracking in real time and messaging between driver and dispatcher


Detailed statistics about drivers, routes, times, speeds and distances


gives you the ability to obliterate the delivery delays that afflict business and disappoint customers

Detailed vehicle tracking
Low operational costs
Real time messaging
Automatic Routing
Technical support
Minimal processing times



100% Uptime

Easy to use