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When you create a route, you can choose to Autoroute or order manually on the last screen of the routing wizard. You can reorder an existing route by clicking edit on the route and dragging the routes around.

For Android, the app is freely available on the Play Store . For iOS, the app is freely available on the App Store .

First, make sure that the Speech to Text option is enabled under settings. Under Android, make sure that a Speech Recognition service is installed.

We are concerned about your privacy as much as you are. This is why there is a setting called Send Location. Turning it off will stop sending your location to the dispatcher. Your dispatcher can still request your current location on demand however.

In Android phones make sure that multimedia sounds are not muted. In iOS, simply make sure that the device is not in silent mode.

The driver might be in an area with no signal. The app will automatically detect when there is an internet connection again and will update the system.

Because the app consumes a significant amount of energy in the background, in Android phones make sure to disable any Battery Optimizations and turn off Background restrictions by going to Phone settings > Apps & Notifications > Your app > Background restrictions.