Route generation in no time

Organize 200 stops into optimal routes in under one minute

Easy route generation

Simply feed all your routes for a given day to the system and the number of vehicles, and it will automatically generate the most efficient order of stops for each vehicle. This way you save time sorting the stops manually and the drivers save time and fuel.

Last minute change? No problem!

Did a customer call last minute and want to change their time or cancel a pick-up? No problem. All the routes that were generated are easily editable. Reorder the stops, re-assign a stop or simply remove one.

The driver will get notified of the change and you can go on with your work without any worries.



Our routing algorithm takes into consideration many parameters in order to provide you with the most efficient routes for your vehicles.

It doesn’t matter whether you have different time windows, capacity requirements or the stops are all over the place, the algorithm makes
sure it is all taken into account when coming up with a solution for you.

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In the driver’s hands

The drivers of the vehicles have an overview of their route for the day but if there is something they want to change, they can do that on the spot from within the mobile application. All information related to each stop is nicely displayed for the driver.


more features


Real-time tracking and detailed information


Know where your drivers are at any given time. A detailed overview screen gives you all the information you need per driver so you can make better decisions about your work.
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Voice-based two-way messaging between dispatcher and driver


You can send a written message to your driver without using any external text messaging systems, Simply type it in. The driver will hear the message you sent him without looking at the screen. Quick and safe updates for all!
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Integrate with any application


You can integrate our routing service easily in your apps. Our RESTful API is very simple to use and can work with any technology stack.
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